Materials for Current Changemakers
Materials for Current Changemakers

Materials for Current Changemakers

Congrats, you're a Changemaker!


What’s the story of LeadersAtlas?
How does the application process work?
I missed Orientation - where can I review the information from it?
What kind of people will be selected as Changemakers? 
What's the CHANGEMAKERS process?
What types of topics will Changemakers present about? 
What do the marketing and presentation logistics look like?
What will the final presentation look like? 
What are the expectations for Changemakers?
What's in it for the Changemaker and the Community involved?

Self-Promotion Tips

Your CHANGEMAKERS presentation is mainly for your community, so you'll be responsible for recruiting your attendees. Here's a couple ways for you to get started marketing your session:

  1. Let your communities know the date of the event by sharing our general announcement poster as well as your individual announcement poster as soon as they're ready. You can share on Linkedin, or ask us for the poster file itself.
  2. Invite key people from your community to the LinkedIn event so they can register for your session via the correct zoom registration link.
  3. Email the zoom registration link to specific people who might not see your social media promotion, but who you think would benefit from attending your session.
  4. Share the LinkedIn event on your personal LinkedIn page (plus any other social media channels where you have a following).
  5. Ask communities of which you're a member if you can promote yourself on their channels.

Presenter Tips

  1. Review the deck, your stories to tell, and transitions between slides. Think about the overall argument you want to make and the examples you want to highlight in your delivery. Share personal stories - you know what you're talking about!
  2. You don’t need to be a perfect speaker as long as you have something valuable to deliver to the audience. What do you want your audience to take away from your session to be more productive, happier, less stressed, more connected? Be intentional about highlighting the key points you want to make.
  3. Give enough time for people to participate in your workshops. Sometimes it takes a minute or two for attendees to get warmed up; avoid the urge to immediately fill the silence, but if it looks like no one will speak up, a LeaderAtlas member in the session will get the ball rolling for you. Then, validate people's contributions (out loud or via chat) and connect them to your topic.
  4. Ask your attendees to: turn on video if possible, mute themselves if there is background noise, participate out loud or via chat, and complete the attendee survey before leaving the zoom room.
  5. Finally, you can trust the process and have fun! You’ve done a great job so far, or you wouldn’t be viewing this page. We’ve facilitated 100+ of these sessions and they are designed for you and your community to enjoy and get a lot out of them! You are ready to give your presentation, have fun!

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