How do the virtual sessions work? Is any value lost by doing it virtually?

No value is lost by going virtual! In fact, the value is infinitely higher because you can invite employees from your offices all over the world to participate in the live workshops.

Our workshops are uniquely designed to be effective both in person and virtually.

What kind of topics should my team present on?

We work with leaders to ensure topics are relevant to the organization's and team's needs. In the past, we have developed workshops around a wide range of topics for people in entry-level staff roles (e.g. "creating engaging marketing content") to senior leaders ("being a leader during crisis).

What size of teams does this work best for?

Our service is primarily designed for teams and departments of 20-50, but we can tailor a service for smaller or larger groups.

How can my busy employees take time to create these presentations?

Our program is built so that it takes fewer than 2 hours total of an employee's time to go through the interview process with us, and become confident with the deck they are given, before presenting an impactful workshop that can be used repeatedly over time.

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