RECAP: How to Increase Trust Within Your Team

RECAP: How to Increase Trust Within Your Team

Event Date: April 1, 2021

Guest: Shira Stember, Brand Innovation Leader

Title: How to Increase Trust Within Your Team

April 1st was a milestone day for the LeadersAtlas team.  While early fans of Clubhouse, earlier this month we took the reins and hosted our first Clubhouse event with brand innovation leader, Shira Stember. 

The 60-minute event featured a dynamic discussion that went beyond just understanding and measuring leadership.  We were able to uncover and discuss the “why” of leadership – why it’s challenging, why it’s not easy to manage across all individuals and why it’s not something where a passive approach will ever lead to success.  As one participant noted, leadership takes hard work, dedication and a commitment to continually inquire, ask questions and learn from others.  Some additional highlights from the conversation included:

  • Trust needs to be earned. It relies on ongoing, respectful communication to build it and takes time to bolster – it is not automatic no matter one’s title, age, gender or role.
  • One gauge of the level of trust within an organization is the depth and frequency of questions and answers within a team. Additionally, understanding the amount of engagement will identify how much trust the team has for itself. High levels of engagement are a sign of high levels of trust. Done right, healthy, respectful debates can also have a positive influence on a team’s dynamic.
  • To build trust within a team or across several teams, work on listening skills from all levels. Consistency in listening can increase a team’s overall trust level. As well, both employee recognition and “positive attention” contribute to trusting relationships between managers and associates as well between colleagues.

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